Target is a dangerous place to shop… especially once they bring out the holiday decor and winter clothes. It’s so hard to resist everything they have out, especially when the dollar section, already filled with Christmas decor, is oh-so-strategically placed right in the entryway of the store.

Yesterday on Twitter I’d seen people talking about how there were $1 holiday socks at Target in their dollar section, so of course I had to go for myself and check it out. Just in case. And, surprise surprise, I wound up getting a few pairs (and, sadly, plan on going again later this weekend to get more that I missed out on due to the rush I was in). They were just too cute to resist, honestly.


Now that I can drive myself around town, a luxury I’ve been pretty spoiled by for the past few months since getting my license, Target is a pretty common place I stop at on the way home from school. It doesn’t help that there’s a location less than a mile from both my school and home. Yikes.

Since they’ve put all of their winter clothes out I’ve been eyeing a few things and picked up some tops and a dress. I’ve tried to be strict on myself, but I can tell this is going to be a rough year. What I’ve gotten so far, however, I love and have been things on my wishlist for a while now. I’m telling myself buying all this clothing is okay because I didn’t get anything last winter, but I know that’s a lie.

I also try to make myself feel better about my purchases by sticking to the clearance section or just looking at the clothing on sale (which happens to be most of it). I got this green top from the clearance section just last weekend!


I shouldn’t be too proud of myself though. On the same trip I also picked up this sweater dress – which I love!

What are you guys’ favorite recent Target finds? Tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading my little blurb 🙂





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